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About Me

I fall in love with people and their stories everyday.

As a photographer, I ache to capture the intimate and quiet moments that define the connections between those that we love and to tell the story that those moments add up to.  All with the hope that those stories will be preserved for generations to come.

As a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in New England, I have a heart full of wanderlust and travel throughout the U.S photographing love stories.

I have a deep love for spur of the moment road trips, afternoon rain showers in New Orleans, christmas markets in Budapest, WW2 love stories and old black and white photographs.  I drink tea and listen to the likes of Otis Redding every Sunday on vinyl.  I whole heartedly believe in collecting passport stamps, that a good hot curry and cold beer can cure just about anything and I have a firm belief that gratitude can turn everything into enough.

And I would love to capture your story!



I have been honored to have my work featured in the following publications.

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