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Wanderlust / Leipers Fork, Tennessee

Tree House

“A tree house, a free house,

A secret you and me house,

A high up in the leafy branches

Cozy as can be house.

A street house, a neat house,

Be sure to wipe your feet house

Is not my kind of house at all.

Let’s go live in a tree house.”

Shel Silverstein


Recently I was in a small town in Tennessee.  It snowed and it rained and it was all beautiful.

 I found myself surrounded by a group of genuinely  good people, sitting by a roaring fire, all wrapped up in thrifted patchwork quilts.

And I got to witness this amazing thing happening.

These people had an incredible willingness to share a vulnerability among each other and this amazing ability to reveal the core of their humanness.

It’s something that seems like such a rare thing to happen these days..

I was overwhelmed and in AWE.

Friendships that I hope will last a lifetime were made. The time I spent there filled my heart and left me feeling so incredibly GRATEFUL.  I find myself going to sleep at night now, dreaming of the next time I can breathe in some Tennessee air.


I ate some really amazing southern biscuits and grits here.



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